At Safe Harbor CPA, We Are a Small Business Like Many Others Here in SF

At Safe Harbor, our CPA firm is a “small business.” We work hard for each and every client and focus on being the best CPA firm in San Francisco for other “small businesses.” If you are a “small” or “medium” sized business, we’re sure our philosophy will be in accord with yours.Safe Harbor: a small business working hard for other small businesses

Our chief philosophy as one of the leading small business CPA firms in San Francisco is that nobody – not one other small business – should ever pay a cent more in tax than the law demands. And yet, a surprising number of small businesses do exactly that. Every year, thousands upon thousands of small businesses get a tax refund because they have paid too much. Certainly, a tax refund check is always nice to receive, but wouldn’t it be better to have not paid too much in the first place?

What About The Ones Who DON’T Get A Refund?

What is even worse is this: what about all those small businesses who have paid too much tax and DON’T get a refund because they didn’t know they had paid too much and so didn’t make a claim? Unfortunately, that happens a lot. And those overpayments from small businesses and individuals are AVERAGING around the $2,000 dollars mark. Some will be less than that, of course, but that also means that others will be far greater. That is a lot of money to lose simply because somebody was unable to find their way through the labyrinth of the tax system.

As one of the foremost small business CPA firms in San Francisco, it is our job to make sure that you don’t fall into that trap. Yes, the tax system is very complicated, but that is why we exist: in order to sort the wheat from the chaff and ensure that your tax return is spot on. And by that, we mean exact: to the last cent. We have said this before (and we will no doubt say it again) but if we charge you, say, $750 for doing your tax return and save you $2,000, we believe that is a very good deal indeed. And we think that most small businessmen would agree with us. Not only that, it also saves you all the hassle of sitting down in the evening or at the weekend and trying to make head or tail of it all yourself.

Believe it or not, as one of the leading small business CPA firms in San Francisco, we KNOW that all this tax stuff is very complicated, but we actually enjoy it. We get great pleasure from working our way through the labyrinth and coming to the point where our client’s tax return is perfect. Spot on. To the last cent.

In our book, that’s a result!

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