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Tip O’Neill, the great Boston politician, once said, “All politics is local.” That’s true as well for CPA and accounting services. We offer our services from the great city of San Francisco, and – when possible – we meet with our clients face-to-face. That’s part of our commitment to being the best CPA firm in San Francisco.

San Francisco: A City of Technology

San Francisco CPA FirmBut San Francisco is also a center of technology and innovation, and we embrace that. We use WebEx and other Internet means to communicate with our clients across the globe – whether they are in San Francisco, Beijing, or Seattle. The world has become smaller even if it remains local, and even if we process tax returns one return at a time, and we build relationships with our clients one client at a time.

To that end, we have been working hard at Safe Harbor LLP on our local presence across the Internet. We embrace the Internet and leverage it for our firm and our clients.

Here is a list of our latest listings across the Internet – something we are quite proud of.

Safe Harbor LLP – a San Francisco CPA Firm

Here is a list of our local listings:

About Safe Harbor LLP

Safe Harbor LLP helps individuals and businesses minimize their tax liabilities through thoughtful tax planning. We also work closely with our clients to streamline their financial and accounting processes. We work very well with high net worth individuals, San Francisco-based businesses, and/or businesses or individuals who have international tax issues. If you have business interests in both the USA and China, or the USA and India, we can help you comply with regulations yet minimize the tax impact.