San Francisco Tax Preparation / CPA: Taxpayers Can File Form 1040-X Electronically

Filed in CCH NEWS FEED by on September 9, 2020

The IRS has announced that taxpayers can now submit Form 1040-X electronically with commercial tax filing software. Until now, taxpayers were required to mail a completed Form 1040-X to the IRS for processing. The new electronic option allows the IRS to receive amended returns faster while minimizing errors normally associated with manually completing the form. Since the tax filing software allows users to input their data in a question-answer format, it simplifies the process for them. It also makes it easier for IRS employees to answer taxpayer questions since the data is entered electronically and submitted to the agency almost simultaneously.

Taxpayers still have the option to submit a paper version of the Form 1040-X and should follow the instructions for preparing and submitting the paper form. Form 1040-X filers can use the “Where’s My Amended Return?” online tool to check the status of their amended return.

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