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Finding the best tax preparation service in San Francisco isn’t easy. From ‘big box’ providers geared towards W-2 workers to high-profile, expensive, and often (unfortunately) not the best big accounting firms downtown, San Francisco residents and businesses struggle to find a top-rated tax preparation service that can meet their needs. Fortunately, we can help.

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We strive to be the best, top-rated tax service in San Francisco … and that means many things to us. We think being the best SF tax service means listening to our clients, looking for every available avenue to minimize their taxes, and acting as a trusted business adviser on tax and financial issues. Whether you’re a business, corporation, or just a high income individual, our tax preparation services can go beyond tax to bookkeeping and tax minimization strategies.

Tax Return Preparation

Don’t stress getting your taxes done. Whether you’re a business, corporation, or just a high income individual, let our team of best-in-class accountants not only get your taxes prepared but minimize your tax bill. Contact us today for a consultation.

The Best Tax Service in San Francisco is a Philosophy Not an Award

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Best Tax Service in San FranciscoPaying taxes is something everyone dreads, and can be intimidating and time-consuming for an individual or small business. As the best tax preparation service in San Francisco, we are prepared to deal with any tax situation that may occur.

Our tax consultants will work with you side-by-side to prepare and maintain all of your tax records to substantiate each and every deduction, as well as provide documentation on income and expenses in every category. Being the best tax service in the SF Bay Area means being the best prepared.

We provide clients with peace of mind that all of their tax issues are meticulously taken care of. As a client of Safe Harbor LLP, understanding your financial records and tax situations and needs is our top priority. Being the top-rated tax service means nothing if we are not the best service to you and for you.

San Francisco Tax Service

Safe Harbor LLP works with a wide array of businesses, including technology firms, legal services, and even non-profits, offering them the best tax services and tax preparation available. Our expert San Francisco CPAs have years of tax preparation experience who work with S Corporations, C Corporations, LLC’s, and Partnerships of all types. Regardless of size, we can help your business minimize your tax expenditures. Our business tax service is just the beginning!

Get an Expert Second Opinion on Your Tax Service

Have you already done your taxes, but want to make sure you filed them correctly? Did you use a different tax service last year, but are ready to move to the best? We’ll review your tax documents with you and check to make sure they’ve been filed correctly. We can help amend tax returns that may have been filed incorrectly, or that have not been filed in a way that maximizes your tax return. We can then resubmit your amended tax documents to the IRS on your behalf, which could result in a higher refund for you. That’s what being the best San Francisco tax service means to us: working harder for you.

Being the Best Service Means Standing By Our Clients at IRS Audits

Tax audits can be time-consuming, expensive and extremely stressful. Safe Harbor LLP CPAs can help you navigate your tax audit and organize your tax documents so the process runs smoothly to completion as quickly as possible. If you are audited by the IRS, we will stand by you and make that difficult process as easy as possible. Being the best tax service means standing by our clients – before, during, and after tax season.