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Individual tax return preparation for California residents (not only in San Francisco) is a specialty of our firm. We especially assist high income persons with complex individual tax return issues and can also help with international and/or multistate tax return preparation.

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Accountants Who Prepare Individual Tax Returns

Our CPA firm is known as best-in-class for individual tax return preparation in the San Francisco Bay Area, with a special focus on high net worth individuals, those with businesses, and/or those with international tax issues. Our accountants help individuals file their personal tax returns (including expatriate tax returns), with many individuals having high incomes, stock options, small business income (Schedule “C” / S-Corp), income, etc. Our goal is to make filing your personal taxes as easy as possible – as we are one of the top San Francisco individual tax preparation companies that is not a chain.

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International Tax Return Prep

Taxes are complicated and not exactly fun. Fortunately, our tax advisors know the details of US and California tax regulations and can expedite your individual tax return preparation. We focus not only on San Francisco as a geography but on high income individuals throughout California.

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Individual Tax Preparation San FranciscoWe advise individuals on best tax strategies, maximizing the size of your refund and minimizing the personal income taxes you pay to the Federal Government and/or the State of California. We save time, money and headaches by doing the heavy lifting for you. Of particular interest are high net worth individuals, those with business interests, and/or those with international tax issues. Indeed, in recent years we have become known as the best tax service in San Francisco for expatriates, especially but not only those with Canadian tax exposure.

San Francisco Individual Tax Preparation Service

Safe Harbor LLP works with a wide array of businesses, including technology firms, legal services, and even non-profits, offering them the best tax services and tax preparation available. Our expert San Francisco CPAs have years of tax preparation experience who work with S Corporations, C Corporations, LLC’s, and Partnerships of all types. Regardless of size, we can help your business minimize your tax expenditures. Our business tax service is just the beginning!

High Net Worth Individuals Have Special Needs

High Net Worth individuals have unique tax issues, especially in high-tax states like California. As one of the top CPA firms in the San Francisco, our experienced accountants stay abreast of all the current laws, so you don’t have to.

Personal Tax Preparation Issues: Expatriate and International Tax

Today’s San Francisco is an international city. It’s not uncommon for an individual to have tax exposure not only to California but also other states, not only to the United States but to Canada and other countries, and to have to file multiple tax returns. We assist individuals with expatriate tax preparation, and all types of international tax issues. Correct compliance and tax minimization is more complicated than ever: be sure to work with a firm that specializes in international tax for individuals.

Updated: 12/20/2016