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Many clients want more than just tax preparation. They want a tax professional or tax advisor who can dig into the details and create a tax minimization strategy. Our San Francisco tax advisors can help.

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Tax Advisors

With a special focus on high net worth individuals, those with businesses, and/or those with international tax issues, our San Francisco tax advisors help individuals file their personal tax returns (including expatriate tax returns), with many individuals having high incomes, stock options, small business income (Schedule “C” / S-Corp), income, etc. Our goal as professional tax advisors is to make filing your personal and/or business taxes as easy as possible.

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Tax Advisors

Taxes are complicated, and so is compliance. If you are beyond the simple W2 tax situation, you may benefit from a San Francisco tax advisor. We can evaluate your personal and/or business issues and give advice on how to prepare for and minimize your taxes.

San Francisco Tax Advisors

High income people, people who own small businesses, and others who have significant assets such as stock options, real estate, investments, etc., need more than just the best tax return preparation service in San Francisco. They need tax advisors who really dig into their financial lives. Tax advisors who are known as top-rated tax professionals not just in San Francisco but throughout California. Indeed, we pride ourselves as the tax advisors who “love taxes” but also “hate taxes.” We love the complexity and the financial advice that we can give to our clients. And we hate taxes. Our goal as best-in-class tax advisors is to minimize the tax bite.Tax advisors and tax professionals in San Francisco, California

We save time, money and headaches by doing the heavy lifting for you. Of particular interest are high net worth individuals, those with business interests, and/or those with international tax issues. Safe Harbor LLP works with a wide array of businesses, including technology firms, legal services, and even non-profits, offering them the best tax services and tax preparation available. High Net Worth individuals have unique tax issues, especially in high-tax states like California. It’s not as simple as a mere tax cut or tax increase; what you need is a tax advisor in San Francisco who can make sense of it all and provide a strategy.

Indeed, as professional tax advisors, our team can also assist with small business taxes, corporate or individual tax return preparation, and even international taxes and expatriate tax return preparation. We’ll dig into your financial situation and advise you to minimize those pesky taxes!

Questions and Answers on Tax Advisors

Q. Are a Tax Advisor and a CPA the same?
A. No, they are not the same. Some financial “professionals” may call themselves tax advisors only because they’ve done the minimal amount to claim the title. Each financial professional can manage tax preparation services differently. For instance, a San Francisco bookkeeper may manage payroll and accounts weekly, but they are not the tax professionals to ask for tax advice. An accountant can expand their training to become a tax advisor, but they are not the same as a Certified Public Accountant. A CPA will undergo specific training and testing to meet state requirements and pass a rigorous exam. If a Bay Area resident is serious about finding the best “tax expert near me,” it’s wise to speak to a CPA for the best results.

Q. Is hiring a tax advisor beneficial?
A. Speaking to a professional tax advisor in San Francisco (or over the phone) can help set you up for success. Simple DIY tax programs are helpful but cannot do the “deep-dive” a CPA can to help you pay less in taxes and maximize returns. Bay Area individuals in need of expat tax return preparation or an inheritance tax advisor may also benefit from the advice of a professional CPA. Consulting with our tax advisor team any time of the year may be the best strategy to prepare for the upcoming tax season if you consider yourself a high-net-worth individual.

Q. What is a tax advisor vs. a financial advisor?
A. The job of a financial advisor is to help people find smart investment opportunities and grow wealth over time. A tax advisor’s job is to minimize taxes and maximize tax returns each year. In the process, this can help individuals retain and increase their wealth too! Combining an expert tax advisor and financial advisor might be a winning strategy for Bay Area residents looking to grow their wealth while staying out of trouble with the IRS. To learn more about the job of a tax preparer, visit the website for the California Society of Tax Consultants.

Q. Should I speak to a tax advisor about my small business?
A. Many small businesses fail within the first few years due to poor cash flow and a weak or missing financial strategy. The chances for success can increase with a solid long-term, financial plan, including tax preparation. Although a small business owner can hire an in-house bookkeeper who is an expert in handling payroll and daily receipts, they are not the best choice for robust tax preparation. A CPA spends their time focused on changes in tax law and codes. A Bay Area certified public accountant can guide small and medium sized businesses toward a path to remain in the black as they grow.

Our goal as tax advisors, in summary, is to minimize your taxes to the greatest legal extent. We work specifically with high income individuals, persons who own a business, and those who have significant assets such as stocks, bonds, stock options, etc. As San Francisco tax professionals, we will help you to overcome the hassles and complexities of federal, state, and local tax laws.