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SAFE HARBOR LLP offers international tax services. Many San Francisco Bay Area residents are either foreign nationals, US permanent residents, or US citizens who have substantial assets in other countries such as China, the Philippines, India, or countries of Western Europe like Germany or France. Having foreign assets creates US tax implications, so our International tax services can help.

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  Tax Services for Permanent US Residents including Expatriate Tax Preparation


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International Tax CPA Firm

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Many of our clients have business interests in countries such as China, Israel, India, or Western Europe. These business interests or property may generate income and thereby create a US tax liability. Whether you are a US citizen, a permanent resident, or a foreigner residing in the United States (so-called expatriate tax preparation), it is important to speak with a top San Francisco Bay Area CPA firm that specializes in international tax. Among the most common issues is FBAR compliance. FBAR (Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts) is an area of great specialization by our firm.  OVDP has been another issue “in the news” in recent years.

International Tax CPA Firm San Francisco California

Safe Harbor LLP works with a wide array of businesses, including technology firms, legal services, and even non-profits, offering them the best tax services and tax preparation available for their overseas operations. Our expert San Francisco CPAs have years of tax preparation experience who work with S Corporations, C Corporations, LLC’s, and Partnerships of all types. Regardless of size, we can help your business minimize your international tax expenditures. Our expert international tax service is just the beginning!

The San Franciso Bay Area – an International Region

We are so lucky to live in San Francisco, an International city with numerous foreign residents and with its gaze ever cast to foreign shores. Many corporations send their executives to live here, and many immigrants come to the San Francisco Bay Area to found the next Google or the next Intel. If you reside in the San Francisco Bay Area for all or part of the year, and you have international business or other assets you may incur tax liabilities. We can help you plan to minimize the US taxes required for foreign assets.  Call us today to speak to a top San Francisco accountant specializing in international taxation.

Resident Aliens and Foreign Residents – Special Needs

Those who are not US citizens but have US income face special tax issues. You may have 100% of your income in the United States but technically still be a citizen of a foreign country like China, the Philippines, or Israel. You may be a permanent resident, or you may be a student here on a student visa. Many people come to us with H1 visas as well. But whether your income is 100% in the United States or 80% in the USA and 20% abroad it is important to talk with a tax professional that understands International tax.