Amended Tax Returns

Filing an amended tax return can be necessary if mistakes were made, or if data has changed. In some cases, businesses or individuals failed to file in a timely fashion. Still others, getting a second opinion is useful to better minimize federal or California taxes.

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Accountants Who Can Prepare Amended Returns

It may be necessary to get a second opinion and even prepare amended tax returns. Many clients come to us from other San Francisco CPA firms to get a second opinion on their taxes, or if necessary to file an amended Federal or California tax return. It’s helpful to have a fresh pair of eyes look over your taxes, to catch anything that may have been overlooked and minimize the tax bite.

Amended Tax Return Preparation

Don’t be intimidated if you failed to file your taxes, or if you need amended tax return preparation. Our tax CPAs can review your returns, and – if necessary – prepare amended tax returns for both state and federal. Let our tax accountants review your previous years and even file amended returns, if necessary.

Amended Tax Returns | Delinquent Tax Returns

Were your taxes completed and filed by another CPA firm, but you want a second review by an alternative tax service before you file it? Were you supposed to file a federal and/or California state tax return but – oopsie – you “forgot?” Fortunately, we can help. From second opinions to amended tax return preparation to even filing delinquent tax returns, our CPAs have seen it all. Our SF-based accountants will review your tax documents with you and conduct thorough due diligence to ensure they’ve been filed correctly. Having a CPA that provides a second opinion is like having a second pair of eyes to ensure that nothing is missed or overlooked. Our tax professionals will make sure every tax credit is used to your advantage, so you get the maximum refund possible.Late or amended or even delinquent tax return filing in San Francisco, California.

Did you know that your tax returns can be amended from even three years back? Not only can we give you a second opinion and amend your tax return before you file it; we can provide a second review of your tax returns from up to three years ago and make amendments if necessary. Ultimately this can result in more money in your pocket. If you’ve been a “naughty boy or girl” and not filed the correct tax returns, we can help you get back into compliance. No judgement: just best-in-class second opinions on taxes including the filing of amended or delinquent tax returns. Indeed, if you’re facing a tax audit, you have a Safe Harbor LLP in us. If you’ve never filed taxes, or need to file back taxes, don’t procrastinate any more. Contact us for help filing back taxes. Our tax professionals will guide you through your tax audit, ensuring that all tax laws have been considered and followed, and organizing all necessary tax documents.

Questions and Answers on Amended & Delinquent Tax Returns

Q. When should I submit an amended tax return?
A. Bay Area residents must send in an amended tax return (1040-X) within three years from filing. Common reasons for fixing tax returns include correcting a 1099, W2 or K-1. Maybe you were unsure how to claim a dependent? Opportunities to miscalculate personal assets and liabilities rise when there is more to manage. Our highly skilled CPA’s “get” amended tax return prep and do it often for new clients. Once we’ve thoroughly evaluated the situation and gotten you back on track, we’ll work with you to ensure next years’ tax season is smoother!
Q. Is it worth filing an amended tax return?
A. Yes, it is always worth submitting an amended tax return to receive the reimbursement you are entitled to. Failure to file an amended federal tax return could result in lost income. The critical thing to remember is that this is a second chance to get it right, and it’s best to avoid mistakes. Remember, although there is no penalty for filing a form 100X, the IRS has the right to refuse your amended tax return. Take the time to get it done right so there’s less chance of that happening. Some people ask if it’s a big deal to file an amended tax return, and our answer is; not if we handle it for you! Amended tax returns, of course, can also be filed at the California State level via the FTB (Franchise Tax Board).
Q. How do I know if I have to amend a tax return?
A. Sometimes after a personal tax return is submitted, a 1099 or W2 arrives in the mail. That’s unreported income, and it warrants an amended tax return. Or, you realize you forgot to make specific changes, such as a new dependent or marriage status. Life gets busy and straightforward mistakes can slip by; this is why submitting a 1040-x is a standard procedure for many Bay Area residents. Learn more at the IRS 1040x FAQ’s page:
Q. How long does an amended tax return take?
A. Once the IRS receives a 1040-x, it can take up to 16 weeks to process. An amended tax return can be delayed if the form has errors like no signature, is incomplete, or includes an 8379 (injured spouse allocation). Other reasons for a delay can consist of bankruptcy issues, or it needs careful review and approval by the revenue office. Our certified public accountants will try to predict and prepare for possible amended tax return delays.
Q. What about “past due” tax returns?
A. Sometimes, people just do not file their taxes on time. This can be because of a family emergency, it can be because they hate taxes, or it can just be fear. It’s not necessarily rational, and it’s never a good idea. The IRS and the US government take taxes seriously, especially filing “past due tax returns.” In our age of electronic record-keeping, they will come find you. That said, if you failed to file tax returns in a timely or correct manner, now is the time to come clean. Our CPA firm can help you analyze your past income and liabilities and even work with a tax lawyer, if necessary. We can help you get back into the good graces of Uncle Sam and put this behind you.