Today’s San Francisco job market is hotter than ever, or nearly as hot as it was during the great bubbles of the past decade. Real estate is crazy expensive, with house appreciation throughout the Bay Area but especially in San Francisco. We advise many Bay Area startups on their tax issues, as well act as their “in house” CFOs during their early years. We love the excitement of being a top-rated CPA firm for small businesses in San Francisco, and have done quite a bit of consulting on startup issues such as stock options, business formations, and even buy/sell agreements and other in-depth financial work with their legal representatives.

Retaining Expensive Bay Area Workers

San Francisco CPA Firm for Stock OptionsLately, however, we are getting a lot of inquiries about how to attract skilled San Francisco workers. Stock options? Yes, we got that. Great compensation? Yes, we got that. Groovy Bay Area office with a funky work environment? Got that, too. You might even have the next next big thing – the next Instagram, or Facebook, Snapchat or Yelp. But your employees – especially skilled technical and computer workers – may be looking at retirement and wanting a 401 K plan.

Our August tax newsletter has an informative article on just this topic. It’s entitled SIMPLE 401(K) Plans May Appeal to Employees. You should read it, here. Even better, if you are a startup and are looking for a startup-friendly CPA firm in San Francisco, you’ve found us. Give us a call, come in for a coffee, and let’s discuss not just your tax planning as a startup, but everything from what type of organization you should take to your stock options to your retirement planning options for key employees. We are a full-service CPA firm, with excellent capabilities to grow with your startup.