When you have income from overseas, finding international tax accounting firms in California can be difficult. There are quite a lot of CPA firms who claim to be international tax accounting firms in California, and that they “do” overseas tax, but don’t really specialize.

An overseas tax specialist in San Francisco.

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Here in San Francisco we are lucky to have a multicultural community, with people from all over the world living here part time or full time as their companies send them to Silicon Valley on corporate assignments. Then again, we have many immigrants who have come here from China, India, the Philippines, from Europe, and from far and wide, and made America their home.

Many of these people have assets in their countries of birth, and then again, many US-born citizens here have assets overseas that produce income, and any or all of these may incur tax liabilities in the US.

As with all things to do with tax, the important thing is to pay the absolute minimum amount required by US law and not a cent more. However, when you have assets spread far and wide, the tax liabilities can get very complicated to unravel.

One Of The Few California Tax Accounting Firms That Really Does Specialize In Overseas Affairs

Fortunately, here at Safe Harbor, we are one of the few international tax accounting firms in California that really does specialize in overseas tax affairs. We have worked with numerous corporations including technology companies, legal services, manufacturers, service industries, financial services, individuals, and many more over a period of many years, and we really do have a wide range of experience of overseas tax liabilities.

Now we are not claiming to know every last detail of the tax liability on a property that you rent out in Mongolia (although we just might do), but where we are not fully acquainted with every last dot and comma, what we do have is a huge number of contacts in counterpart accounting firms around the world. If we need some help on a particular matter, we just turn to them for their input, and in exactly the same way we help them out when they need some information on a tax situation involving one of their clients who also has tax liabilities in the US.

The upshot of all this is that whatever your tax liabilities and wherever they may be, we can deal with them for you so that you finish up paying the minimum amount of tax in the US and not a cent more. Yes, we all have to pay tax, and nobody likes doing so, but there is no reason whatever that you should pay more than the minimum simply because the tax laws are complicated. They are designed to be complicated. Our job is to find a pathway through them for you.

Photo credit: free pictures of money via Foter.com / CC BY