With tax season behind us, we are beginning to receive many inquiries from people who are either unhappy with their current San Francisco Bay Area accounting firm or, when not unhappy, are just curious about whether we could render a second opinion about their financial arrangements and their previous tax returns. Sometimes, a second pair of eyes can find things that the first pair of eyes have missed, and this includes issues such as financial planning and, of course, taxes. Taxes in and of themselves are complicated, and especially with high net worth individuals or people who own businesses, there are many different ways that one’s income and assets can be structured!

The Friendliest Boutique Accounting Firm in San Francisco

We pride ourselves as being the friendliest boutique accounting firm in San Francisco, and obviously that reputation has gone around. People find us, call our accountants, or send us an email, and request us to do a second opinion of their financial arrangements and taxes. Here are some common scenarios.Amended Tax Return Service

First, there is simply the nagging feeling that their current accounting firm is not paying them enough attention, and they are not getting their money’s worth in terms of their current accounting firm. This may or may not be true, but to the layperson it is not self evident how one’s taxes are truly being prepared. By having one of our expert San Francisco-based accountants take a look at their financial arrangements in previous tax returns, we can issue an opinion as to whether we can save them money by working with their taxes in the future, or even by filing an amended tax return. We cannot guarantee, however, that we can find tax savings, as each individual situation is obviously unique. But we don’t know, unless we look.

Second, there is the situation when one’s accountant moves away, or changes their focus of their business. In this situation, it is more about changing accounting firms than it is about issuing second opinions. However, we have often been very pleasantly surprised, when evaluating past tax returns, as we can often find tax advantages that a previous accountant has overlooked.

Third, there is the situation in which the taxpayer has failed to provide adequate information to their account. Sometimes this is an honest mistake, in which certain records were not made available, and it is time to do an amended tax return. We are known as an excellent service for amended tax returns in San Francisco, so if you have this situation, be sure to reach out to us.

Fourth, there is a situation in which the tax compliance is not clear. For example, many people who face international tax issues, are not sure of what they should do, and some of the regulations are not entirely cut and dried. In this situation, it is often valuable to have a accounting firm that specializes in international tax to take a second look at one tax situation. We are specialists in complex financial situations, up to and including, people have international tax exposure.

In summary, whatever type of amended tax return service you are looking for, there is always a lot of value in a second opinion. We are eager and willing to evaluate your financial situation, up to and including past tax returns. After evaluating the facts, we will be able to advise you as to whether it is worth the cost to complete a amended tax return.

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