As accountants we are people who pay attention to details. Of course, we keep an eye on federal, state, and even local tax requirements. We love numbers! We work closely with bookkeepers, who keep track of everything for a San Francisco small business or a high income individual who has complicated assets and income streams. As they say, the devil is in the details. The opportunities are also in the details.

We often have an incoming call which has the phrase are you an accountant for, fill in the blank? The consumer might be thinking I need an accountant for small business was also in San Francisco, or I need an accountant who specializes in the needs of Canadian expat tax returns for Canadians who also live in California, or I need an accountant for a corporation that is just getting started or an account for a startup is in the technology sector here in the bay area. For all intents and purposes, the person is looking for an account for their specific needs.Accountant

However, here’s the funny thing. It’s really all about the numbers, and about the tax laws, and about the streams of income. To be the best account for startups in the San Francisco Bay Area, and to be the best account for small business in San Francisco, is really not that different. In both situations the accountant needs a firm grasp of both California and federal tax law, and an eye to the needs and situation of the individual taxpayer or business. To the government, which ultimately is what taxes are all about, it’s all about income and tax deductibility. To us as accountants, it’s also all about income and tax deductibility, but we can give great advice to you as to how to structure your streams of income and purchases so that you minimize your tax bill.

An Accountant For Your Needs

What you are looking for is an account to pays attention to your needs, and brings the skill to the table of an account to understands both California and federal law. Now, let’s pause for a second, and talk about some of your other needs. Yes, you may be a San Francisco startup or business, but you have specific needs. What are they? Well, first, they are to not have to do this yourself! You are very busy just working on your business, and you are not an expert in tax legislation. You are looking for an expert who can take this burden off your shoulders. Second, you have a need to sleep soundly at night. Yes, you want to minimize taxes, but you want to do so within the tax and regulatory environment in such a way as to minimize your audit risk, and if you are audited, to have the substantiation to defend yourself at that audit. By being accountants, we pay a lot of attention to tax laws and we can help you with this goal as well.

So, when you are looking for an account for your needs, think specifically that you are really looking for an expert account who can help you to minimize your taxes, and who may know something about business issues. But it really isn’t that important whether your business produces pizzas or your business produces semiconductor chips. To the government it is really all about income, assets, and deductions. Similarly, if you are a small business that owns a pizza restaurant, or you are a pretty significant corporation involved in the tech sector here in the Bay Area, you are also looking for someone to take the burden of understanding the tax law off of your shoulder.

We are accountants, and we serve your needs. Give us a call.