We get a lot of telephone inquiries that go like this. “Hello. I’m looking for an accountant for X.” Like, an accountant for startups. Or an accountant for small business. Or the best accountant in San Francisco for restaurants. And on and on. We’re accountants, and we’re accountants for this or that industry. But let’s get something straight. We’re accountants for YOU. Our job – whatever your business is – is to be the best business accountants for you and your business.

You can be in the restaurant business here in San Francisco, and we’ll be the “best” accountant in San Francisco for restaurants. Or you can be a start up, and we’ll be the “best” accountant in San Francisco for startups. It doesn’t really matter. How so? Well, more than anything, the money comes in, and the money goes out. You pay tax on your profits, plain and simple. Uncle Sam doesn’t care whether you’re a restaurant, a start up restaurant or just an app for restaurants. He just wants his cut of the profits.

That brings us to our second point. We’re accountants for you (not Uncle Sam). Our job i to minimize your tax bite. We do that by clever tax planning and clever tax accountant. Because we see a lot of San Francisco businesses, we see a lot of things. And we know the US and California tax laws backwards and forwards, so we know how to structure things so that – to the fullest extent of the law – you pay the minimum in taxes. Our idea client is one who comes into the office in June, and is ready to plan out his year. Or one for whom we’ve been working for some time and so, each January, we plan out the fiscal year to mBest inimize his taxes. We get to know the business and we take that knowledge plus our knowledge of US and California tax laws, and minimize the tax bite structurally.

In this way, we’re the “best accountant in San Francisco for” X. Meaning the best accountant for you and your business whatever that may be. We like to look at that “X” and realize that it’s the X is XXOXXOX, which is how much clients love us for being the best accountant for them and their unique needs.