Expats have flocked to San Francisco and Silicon Valley for obvious reasons. It’s a “gold rush” these days here in California, especially due to the “start-up” scene. Expat Tax Return Preparation ServiceBut if you have a foot in the USA and a foot in another country, guess what? You’re an expat, and now you have a need for an expatriate tax return preparation service.

Guess what else? Your tax liabilities in the US can be very complicated indeed. You have income here, and you have income abroad. Or perhaps you don’t have income abroad, but you are living in the US short term on an assignment. Perhaps you have more income here than you do from your country of origin, or perhaps you are a US citizen with income from abroad?

You can readily see why this can get very complicated indeed. Wherever you live, and whatever your income, and wherever it comes from, your objective is obviously going to be to pay the minimum amount of tax on your income or incomes in total. That’s fair enough. That is our objective here at Safe Harbor for our own incomes! Pay the minimum. Yes, tax has to be paid, but there is no reason to pay a cent more than the law requires.
You Could Pay Tax Twice!

A San Francisco CPA Firm that Does Expat Tax Return Preparation

The problem is that there can be so many angles involved. Worse still, if you are not careful, you could have to pay tax on your foreign income both there AND here in the US!! So effectively, you would be paying tax twice, and that is not something that should happen to anyone. That is why you need an expatriate tax return preparation service such as the one that we offer at Safe Harbor.

We are a firm of CPAs who are dedicated to insuring that every one of our clients pays the absolute minimum amount of tax, no matter who they are or where they happen to be located. We take great pleasure from achieving exactly that objective. We do it for ourselves (obviously!) and we can do it for you.

No, before you ask, we don’t completely understand every tax law in every country around the world. We do happen to know a lot of them, especially Canadian law, because we deal with expat taxes all the time, but where we might need a bit of further expertise, it happens that we have a list of contacts with other CPAs in many countries who can point us in the right direction. They help us, and we help them when they are stuck with something regarding US taxes.

The end result is that when you need an expatriate tax return preparation service in San Francisco, you can count on Safe Harbor.