As San Francisco tax advisors, we pay attention to details. Everything is placed in its place: we’re very organized! However, spelling, and the English language in general, can drive us nuts. Is it “tax advisor” with an “o” or “tax adviser” with an “e”? San Francisco Tax AdvisorsBoth spellings exist, and to really drive us crazy there apparently isn’t a right or wrong answer. Both seem to be OK. But when it comes to bookkeeping, accounting, and taxes, we like to find the right answer. And the right answer is ALWAYS whatever it takes to minimize your tax burden to the fullest extent of the law.

The US federal tax laws are very complicated because there are many different things involved. They are actually designed so that people should pay the correct amount of tax for their particular circumstances, but paradoxically that is what makes them so complicated. Then there are state taxes to pay as well. As San Francisco tax advisors our job is to wend our way through all these complicated laws and find the ones that insure that you end up paying the smallest amount of tax possible.

You Can Always Try Doing Your Taxes Yourself

Oh yes, you can try doing it yourself, and some people do. However, you can bet your bottom dollar that they will end up paying more than they should, and in many cases a lot more than they should, for the simple reason that they don’t understand the laws.

Funnily enough, we are the same. Yes, we totally understand the tax system, but if you asked us to design a mobile phone from scratch, we wouldn’t have a clue. That’s because it requires specialist knowledge which we haven’t got. The plain and simple fact is that we all have specialties which we have learned and studied, and ours is tax law. We leave designing mobiles to Apple, and Samsung, Sony, Huawei, and so on.

You can see where this is going: if you want to pay minimal tax you need specialist San Francisco tax advisors such as ourselves. We don’t just deal with federal and California state taxes, but we can handle tax issues for people who have income from different states also. And not just different states, but different countries. A lot of our clients have income from projects in Canada, or from property there, which can be subject to US taxes. We also have clients in Canada who have income here.

It’s not just Canada. We have clients who have income from many different countries, and it needs specialists such as ourselves who deal with international tax law to insure that they pay the minimum amount required.