As downtown San Francisco rebounds from the pandemic, we are seeing an increasing number of calls from folks seeking an accountant for what are increasingly complex tax needs. Many used to have just “one job” and now they have “multiple jobs”. In some cases, the company they used to work for has gone out of business and so they have had to take whatever jobs they can get for the time being.

We can service your tax needs in downtown San Francisco.

Other folks have start-up needs. And still others have overseas property with income coming from that.

Now although we are downtown San Francisco accountants, we are not physically downtown. We are further away on Geary Blvd in the Richmond district which is mostly residential. But it really doesn’t matter where we are located. With the wonders of modern technology, we can meet up with our clients in downtown on Skype or Zoom if we need to. Then there is always the good old-fashioned telephone.

If you want downtown San Francisco accountants, what you need are the best accountants, and those would be the ones who make absolutely certain that, no matter what, you pay the absolute minimum amount of tax that the law requires.

And that would be us at Safe Harbor because we absolutely hate taxes! Now that may seem strange coming from a firm of accountants, because we actually make our living from taxes. In fact, if there were no taxes, there would be no need for us at all.

We Hate Paying Taxes

What we mean is that we hate paying taxes, and therefore our job is to see to it that every client pays not a cent more than is necessary. We don’t want anyone at all to pay more than the law says they should.

That means that we have to know and understand the laws inside and out, both federal and state laws, and we have to keep up to date with every last little change – of which there are many.

We also have to understand the complex needs of our clients, because there can be so many loopholes. Where one client may have to pay tax, another may be able to avoid it by changing things around and coming at them from a different angle. It’s our job to know how to do that.

On top of that, we have to understand international taxes because we have quite a number of clients who have income from overseas sources and there can be many different aspects from the tax point of view.

So, if you want downtown San Francisco accountants who will make certain that your tax liability is as low as it can be, you need Safe Harbor.