At Safe Harbor, our team of accountants loves small businesses! Well, heck, technically speaking, we are a small business too. Whether you’re a start-up or a small business like a pizza joint or a cafe, we can help you with your small business in one of the most beautiful yet most challenging places to do business: San Francisco.

Safe Harbor: one small business helping other small businesses to reduce tax.

Let’s clear the air. Yes, we are a CPA firm, and we are a small business when compared with the “big boys” who may have several hundred accountants working for them. When you use those big firms, you get allocated an accountant to look after you who has no real interest in your business because he or she is getting paid a wage to do a job.

We like to think that we’re different because as an accountant for small business in San Francisco we get to know our clients personally. We know what it’s like to run a small business, and it is very different from being a director of a large business where you basically tell everyone else what to do. Our CEO is in the office on a daily basis and rolls up his sleeves and gets stuck in with the rest of our small team.

We Hate Paying Taxes Too!

Let’s tell you something else: we absolutely hate paying taxes ourselves, and we derive a great amount of pleasure when we can save our clients money in the same way that we do ourselves. You can bet that, as an accountant for small business in San Francisco, we make certain that we don’t pay a cent more than the law demands. Not one single cent. And we do the same thing for our clients.

It is amazing just how many businesses who come to us as new clients are actually paying way too much in the way of tax because they simply don’t know every last little dot and comma of the latest tax legislation. Some have been doing their own tax returns, and in that case cannot be expected to know all the legal loopholes, but others may be using an accountant who isn’t up to scratch. As an accountant for small business in San Francisco, we make certain that we keep our ears to the ground and keep up to date with every change in the legislation, whether small or large, and whether it’s federal tax or state tax.

So, if you run a small business in San Francisco, or the wider Bay Area, and you would like to reduce your tax burden, come and talk to us. We can save you money.