Being the best is our goal, as it should be yours. Life is too short to settle for second-best, whether that’s in baseball (Go Giants!) or in Wine (Go Napa!), or in bridges (Go Golden Gate!). And so it goes for corporate tax services. Being in San Francisco, we benefit from a very lively local economy: we have the tech sector, the banking sector, and the tourism sector to just name a few. We have many corporate clients, and our goal is to be the best corporate tax service in San Francisco.  Here are some of the services we provide for San Francisco businesses and corporations –

San Francisco's Best Corporate Tax ServiceFirst, we are friendly. We know that taxes can be intimidating and our staff is highly trained… in being friendly. Call us, or reach out to us for a consultation, and you’ll see that as a boutique CPA and accounting firm we are small enough to truly care. You won’t get the impersonal service of the “big box” tax services at Safe Harbor LLP. Second, we are experts. We may be a boutique accounting firm, but we are truly educated in everything tax: we live, breath, sleep tax… and we take that commitment to being the best to each and every one of our business tax clients.

Third, we know corporate tax. Many small tax services just do individual taxes, but we specialize in the more complicated returns of high income individuals and corporations. So we know corporate tax – inside and out.

Fourth, we are there for your business 365 days a year. Businesses that work with us are getting an “in house CFO,” and we can provide all sorts of financial advice, including audited financials (very useful for those doing business with the city of San Francisco).  Many businesses come to us for their business formation issues, or to figure out how best to compensate employees. They then use us on-going for financial and tax advice. The bookkeeping and tax preparation services happen just once a year – but our service as the best tax service for businesses in San Francisco is something we do year round.

Our Goal: Being the Best Tax Service

So, in sum, as the tax deadlines for corporations loom… if you are looking for the best tax service in San Francisco for businesses – that’s our goal. And what really means the best is being the best for you: finding the unique tax planning strategy for your business or corporation that minimizes your tax bill, and your tax headaches. That’s what the best is: the best for you.  Call us today for a consultation!