June 11, 2012.  Getting a letter from the IRS can be a very scary thing, either for businesses or for individuals.  While most of us (hopefully, all of us) pay our taxes on time and do our best to comply with the tax code, the reality is that the tax code of the United States is a labyrinth of complexity.  It’s easy to get lost without a guide, and it’s easy to fall out of compliance.  What’s worse is the government works on its own timetables – a month, six weeks, even six months is nothing in terms of “Government time,” so a minor problem can mushroom into a major tax problem, without much notification.

IRS Audit Defense – Things Come to a Head

IRS Audit Defense in San FranciscoThen, inevitably, the problems come to a head.  The taxpayer begins to receive IRS notices demanding prompt payment of back taxes, or indicating that IRS records show no returns have been filed.  Panic sets in.  Many of our San Francisco clients started with us when they received the “scary letter” from the IRS.

The San Francisco Frame of Mind in Defending against an IRS Tax Audit

San Francisco, the City by the Bay, is a laid back town.  Yet it’s also a center of activity, a center of brain power and creativity.  We try to combine those two trends to be the best CPA Firm in San Francisco for IRS defense.  What do we mean –

    • Being serious about taxes – working with our clients to be hyper organized in terms of records and compliance with IRS rules and regulations.  We know our stuff, and our motto is “We work harder for you.”
    • Being so efficient we are calm.  That famous San Francisco attitude comes from a city that knows it is one of the best cities in the USA, a city of famous intellectuals, great food, and great culture.  We know our stuff, too, so we approach an IRS audit from a position of calm strength.

In sum, if you are a San Francisco resident and are facing an IRS audit, we can help.  Give us a call for a free consultation on your IRS Audit Defense, and let us take stock with you on your situation.  99% of the time it just isnt’ as bad as it seems.  Remember, it’s the government we are dealing with.  Customer service and clairy aren’t their Forte.  But they are – ours.  We will work harder for you to get you in tax compliance with the IRS yet preserve every penny of your hard-earned fortune.

Being the Best CPA Firm in San Francisco

“We work harder for you” – that’s our motto as one of San Francisco’s best CPA firms.