March 3, 2012. Tax season is here! For individuals, the IRS and California tax deadline is April 17, 2012. That deadline is especially important if you owe the government money; all taxes must be paid by that date to avoid penalties, even if you file for an extension. An extension merely grants you additional time to file your paperwork; it does not give you any ‘free’ extension on paying the government money.


If you are a business and/or employer, it gets more complicated. You can read the official IRS list of deadlines, here


Being the Best Tax CPA in the City of San Francisco, California


Our clients often ask us how they should select the ‘best’ tax CPA in San Francisco? Of course that’s a loaded question. The best means a lot of different things to different people. An individual might think that the best means the CPA that will get you the biggest refund. But that’s not the best CPA if that refund is given in error, causing you headaches down the road. Or perhaps the best CPA is the cheapest; but saving a few dollars in fees, might mean more taxes paid due to deductions missed. So that isn’t the best, either.


In our mind, being the best CPA in San Francisco means working diligently with each and every client to identify potential bookkeeping, business strategy, and tax issues. It means turning over every stone and looking for opportunity. It means making the tax and accounting process as easy as possible for busy business owners and high networth individuals in San Francisco and throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, so that they can spend their valuable time on their businesses or careers.


Being the best CPA is all about having the best attitude. Our definition of the best at Safe Harbor CPAs is ‘we work harder for you.’ We put our clients first, and work hard to get them not only the best tax refunds but the easiest, most efficient, never-miss-a-deduction bookkeeping, CPA and tax strategy that makes them happy with an unhappy reality of life: taxes.