October 18, 2012. Preparing taxes can be confusing and time consuming, especially for small business owners and individuals who have investments.  Even more so in the San Francisco Bay Area with its complicated regulations and tax laws. The Internal Revenue Service requires a separate reporting schedule for each income stream a person may have, even when receiving interest from savings and money market accounts.  Sometimes it comes down to organization.  Not having all the proper forms in place to verify income and what expenses might have been associated with it can make it impossible to complete each tax form.  Having a CPA or Accounting Firm that knows exactly how to complete tax forms and what documentation needs to be in place to support income and expenses can be invaluable, but it’s important to employ a firm that will give you the best customer service possible.

Race to Be the Best CPA Firm in San Francisco: Working on an Individual Basis

Race to the Top - Being the Best San Francisco CPA Firm 2012 and 2013


Have you ever had an accountant that just wanted you to gather all your financial records and send them to him in the mail?  Or worse yet, has your accountant requested that you take the time to scan in all of your documents so he could have them electronically, making you responsible for formatting them in a way that he can work with?  While obtaining financial records is necessary for an accountant to prepare your tax return, both of these approaches to obtaining them are informal and downright insulting.  Requesting the client to do all the leg work to electronically submit documents can take a lot of time, and can even prohibit some individuals from getting their taxes filed.

At Safe Harbor CPAs, we strive to be the best firm in San Francisco for taxes and sometimes that means being low cost (e.g., the customer does a lot of the leg work so we don’t have to) and other times it means being fast (e.g., we do a lot of the leg work so the customer doesn’t have to). Being the best doesn’t mean being the cheapest – it means working with the client to figure out the best tax strategy for him or her, or his or her company. We want to be the best San Francisco tax and accounting firm, not based on abstract ratings, but on the individual customer experience – unique to them.

If you are interested, call us at 415.742.4249 for a free consult on your specific tax and accounting needs.

If you’re looking for an accountant, you might want to get a referral from someone who has reported that his CPA actually took the time to meet and work with him on an individual basis.   Not all communication can be done over the telephone or via email.  It can be a real find to get an accounting firm that is willing to meet in person.

Outstanding San Francisco Customer Service – Safe Harbor CPAs’ Goal

A CPA firm that recognizes their revenue comes from the service they provide their clients is a good place to start.  It can be even better when the firm ensure the clients feel valued and appreciated.  Here are some things to look for when finding a CPA in San Francisco, California, who cares about customer service:

  1. He understands that you are the boss.  It’s important for the firm to realize that their clients pay their salaries and provide them with jobs.
  2. He is a good listener.  A CPA can only provide service when he knows the needs of his clients, so it’s important to tell him what you need, but it’s also important for him to truly listen.
  3. He makes you feel appreciated.  Realistically you could employ the services of any accountant you wish, but you are using him.  If he doesn’t make you feel important or appreciated, it might be time to move on.
  4. He understands your unique financial situation.  Sure, an accountant has to pass a series of grueling exams to become certified, and he has continuing education that he is required to complete in order to retain that license, but if you get the feeling he is side stepping around your financial questions, you might want to seek the services of someone else.

There are a lot of reputable accountancy firms in San Francisco that can help prepare tax returns, but it’s important to find one that will work with you on an individual level and provide you with the excellent customer service that you deserve.