There are a lot of Canadians living in the Bay Area. Many of them come to work in Silicon Valley. Others come for the weather. Many of them stay, partly because of the low taxes.Taxes for Canadians living in the Bay Area can be complex.

You thought taxes in the Bay Area are high? You should see what Canadians have to pay in their home country! Compared with those, taxes in California are cheap. However, if you are a Canadian living in the Bay Area, you may well have to file tax returns three times. Once in California, once for the USA (federal taxes), and another in Canada.

Unfortunately, this is where your tax returns can get very complicated. You may also have income in Canada that is paid to you here in the USA, for example, if you own a property in Canada and it is producing rent which becomes a part of your income here.

We Have Many Canadian Clients Who Live in San Francisco

This is why you will need a internationally savvy CPA firm that can handle expat tax return prep for Canadians. Fortunately, at Safe Harbor, we are just that. We have many clients who are expats living here, and they come from a wide range of different countries, not just Canada. This means that we have a broad range of knowledge of the different laws in many different countries, and not just expat tax return prep for Canadians. With that said, we do have a lot of clients who are either Canadian or who have income from there.

Now, we are the first to admit that we do not understand all the laws in every different country in the world. However, over the years we have built up a huge list of contacts who are CPAs in other countries. What that means is that when we have an issue that we do not fully understand ourselves in, say, Ghana, or Turkey, or Sri Lanka, we can get the answers we need from our overseas contacts. It works both ways, because when they have an issue here in the US, they will come to us for a solution.

Whether it is expat tax return prep for Canadians or for anyone from anywhere else, our aim is to ensure that every client pays the absolute minimum amount of tax required by the law – wherever those laws may be. So, we will always go the extra mile in order to make certain that we have covered every possibility in the way of allowances, expenses, and so on. We don’t like paying taxes either, so we get pleasure from keeping the amount payable for every client to the minimum the laws require.