Canada has some of the highest taxes in the world. If you are Canadian, or have business interests there, and yet are lucky enough to live and work here in the USA, you may also be unlucky in that you have to pay taxes in both countries.Expat tax returns for people who have to pay Canadian taxes.

Now, the fact is that many CPAs in the San Francisco Bay Area are specialists in US taxes and can undertake your tax returns here for you. However, there are by no means so many that are specialists in expat taxes for people who have income from other countries such as Canada. Fortunately, at Safe Harbor, we are experts in overseas taxes, and we can help with expat tax return prep for Canadians.

In fact, we are not just experts in expat tax return prep for Canadians, but for very many other countries as well. Many people in the Bay Area, and in San Francisco in particular, have their fingers in pies overseas in all sorts of different countries, so they may have to pay taxes in several different regimes, and this is why they come to us because of our knowledge of so many foreign countries.

We are not going to tell you that we know everything about the taxes of every country in the world, but over the course of the years we have built up contacts with CPAs in other countries. This works very well, because if one of our clients has to pay tax in a country where we are not familiar with all of the tax laws, our contacts in those countries will be able to help us.

It Works The Other Way Around As Well

That also works the other way around because when those CPAs have an issue with US or Canadian taxes, we can help them out as well. However, we don’t need to use any contacts for expat tax return prep for Canadians because we are very familiar with the relevant laws. This is because so many of our clients have assets and income there that we know the laws as well as we do the US taxes.

Indeed, many Canadians come to the Bay Area for several months of the year, and this is especially true if they have work to do in Silicon Valley. So, they may have part of their annual income here and part of it in Canada. Equally, they may be permanent residents here with 100% of their income here. They could also have all of their income from their work here and still have additional income from Canada for something such as rent from a tenant or tenants.

No matter what the situation, the fact is that you want to pay the minimal amount of tax overall, no matter where you pay it, and that is where we can help you