Preparing tax returns is not just a question of filling out the forms. Anyone can do that. However, if you do just do that, it is a fair bet that you are going to end up paying far more tax than you need to pay. San Francisco tax consultant.There are all sorts of little legal loopholes that you can use to reduce your tax bill to the minimum, but you can also bet that the IRS is not going to go out of its’ way to advertise them. They may be there, but the IRS doesn’t want you to know they are, so that it gathers more tax.

What you need is someone who does know all the rules and thinks “tax strategy”. You need someone who can look at your income, your assets, and your life plan, and brainstorm a tax strategy to take into account all those loopholes so that you finish up paying not a cent more than the law demands. What you need is a San Francisco tax consultant. That means that you need one of our tax advisors here at Safe Harbor.

Diametrically Opposed

We are diametrically opposed to the IRS and the State. They want you to pay the maximum amount of tax, and our job is to see to it that you do the opposite. Many people who pay too much tax do so because they not only don’t know all the loopholes, but they look at the figures and just don’t understand how to deal with them. Their minds go a blank.

Strange though it may seem to many people, here at Safe Harbor, as a San Francisco tax consultant, we actually enjoy getting immersed into all the figures. In a fight between ourselves and the tax man, we want to come out the winner, and the only way we do that is when we ensure that our client does not pay a cent more in tax than he should do. That gives us a considerable amount of pleasure, and as a San Francisco tax consultant we leave no stone unturned in our search.

Of course, it cannot be emphasized too highly that everything we do is strictly legal. But if the rules are there it is your right as a citizen to take full advantage of them. However, if you don’t know what they are you cannot do that.

That is why you need us at Safe Harbor because we do know the rules. So book an appointment with our CPAs, to come and meet us and let us work out your tax strategy for you.