San Francisco has a population approaching 900,000 people, and many of them are from a wide variety of countries – Canada in particular. Specialist expat tax preparation specialists.This can create a whole raft of different problems when it comes to sorting out how to pay your taxes. You might be required to pay taxes here in the US, taxes in your home country, or quite possibly both. If you need an expat tax preparation San Francisco specialist look no further. We understand the relevant tax laws in a range of different countries.

We speak French, Japanese, Mandarin, and Cantonese, so we can help you even if you don’t speak English. Our motto is “We work harder for you” and we do, no matter what problems you may have with expat tax preparation San Francisco. Our end goal, without exception, is to ensure that every client, no matter what their business or their background, pays the absolute minimum amount of tax in accordance with the law, and not a cent more.

By No Means Just Canada for Expat Tax Return Prep

As we said, many of our clients are from Canada, and we have a considerable knowledge of Canadian tax laws together with contacts with many Canadian accountants. But it is not just Canada by any manner of means. We handle a considerable amount of international tax situations – all of them different depending on the country involved – and many of our clients are US citizens who have assets or business interests in other countries such as Israel, China, Western Europe, and India. If these business interests create income overseas, it can result in a liability for tax in the US whether you are a US citizen, a foreigner residing in the US, or a permanent resident.

One of the most common situations we come across is FBAR compliance. This simply means Foreign Bank Account Report and was introduced in 1970 as a means to combat tax evasion. As you may well imagine, it can be extremely complicated, but you will be pleased to know that it is another of our specialties. There is also OVDP which has come to the fore in recent years and means Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program.

There are other situations that can arise, all of which need special handling by an accountant who understands the relevant tax laws. For example, you could be a permanent resident in San Francisco but still technically be a foreign citizen of somewhere like the Philippines, China, or Israel. You might be here on a student visa.

Whatever your situation in regard to expat tax preparation San Francisco you most certainly need an accountant who is qualified to help. Call us for a no-obligation discussion and talk to an accountant who understands.