Finding an expat tax service in San Francisco is not at all easy. You need a firm that understands US tax law, California tax law, and at a very minimum has contacts with equivalent experts in the relevant foreign country.

Expat tax service.

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The good news is that, if you are looking for an expat tax service, at Safe Harbor we have all those in spades! We fully understand US and California tax laws (of course) but we also have clients with business interests in China, Canada, Israel, Japan, India, and many Western European countries too.

No, of course we don’t understand all the ramifications of tax laws in Poland, Iceland, and Vietnam, for example, but we do have a lot of connections. This works both ways. When we need help with the tax laws in their country, they help us, and when they need help with the tax laws here, we help them.

Clients who have business interests or property in another country may find that it generates income that creates a tax liability here. Equally, you may have a connection with another country that might create a tax liability there, even though you could be a US citizen, a permanent resident, or a foreigner temporarily or permanently residing in the US.

There Are Many Immigrants In The Bay Area and Cross-Tax Issues are Prevalent

Let’s face it, there are numerous foreigners from around the world who reside in San Francisco, and many immigrants come to the Bay Area to live and work in Silicon Valley. Many foreign companies also send their executives here to work on long term assignments and they may be paid by their company in a foreign currency or in US dollars.

Yes, international taxes can get extremely complicated and this is why it is essential that you talk us at Safe Harbor because we can provide you with the answers. Our mission is always to ensure that you pay the minimum amount of tax, whether that is US tax or tax in one or more foreign countries.

We do have a lot of clients with tax issues in Canada, for example, and we are conversant with the tax laws there. So you could have 100% of your income here in the US but still technically be a Canadian citizen, for instance. You could be a student here on a student visa, or you could have an H1 visa. You might have 75% of your income here and 25% from abroad.

All of this is why things can be very complicated and that’s why, when you need an expat tax service, you need someone who specializes in such things and has the necessary contacts.

Photo credit: MoneyBlogNewz via / CC BY