If you have a C Corporation, you’re doubly blessed! You get to file not just a personal tax return but also a tax return with the state of California and with the IRS! Twice the fun!tax advisor in San Francisco

Well, we think it’s fun, because we love working with our clients to minimize their tax bite. At Safe Harbor, we love taxes. And we hate taxes.

Confused? Well, we hate paying taxes. We understand that we have to pay taxes, but quite frankly some of the way that the money is spent is mind boggling. Taxes could be considerably less if the money was spent wisely, but let’s not go too deeply into that. We don’t know anyone at all who enjoys paying taxes though.

Our CPAS Love (to Minimize Taxes

Yet, we love taxes too! This is because our best-in-class accountants love working hard for our clients in order to ensure that they only pay the absolute minimum amount of tax that the laws require, and not a penny more. As far as we are concerned, every cent of tax that we can save our clients is another notch on our gun. Well, not literally on our gun, but you know what we mean. And that makes our clients happy and makes us happy too. It’s a win-win.

So, we can carry out your C Corporation tax return preparation for you in order to see that you pay the minimum. That is our whole ethos in life. That is why we are here. We can also advise you on the best way to trade. Indeed, in the Bay Area we are known as the “go to” CPA firm for start-ups because from the tax point of view you might be better off trading as a sole trader, an S Corporation, an LLC, or a business partnership, for example. Our job is to save you tax in any (legal and ethical) way that we can. So, instead of carrying out a C Corporation tax return preparation for you, it might be better for you to trade so that we prepare an S Corporation tax return for you.

Tax Consultants in San Francisco

Our business tax advisors are here to provide a personalized service that is customized to your individual needs. These could be very different from your neighbor who runs a similar business and makes a similar profit each year. We also make certain that we keep right up to date with even the smallest changes in the tax systems – which happen quite frequently – so that every client is trading and paying tax in the most beneficial way to him or her, whether that requires a C Corporation tax return preparation or any other type.