Finding a tax professional in San Francisco is one thing. Finding a GOOD tax professional in San Francisco is another entirely. Tax Professional in San Francisco.It is somewhat like getting married. You need to do your homework, obviously, but ultimately it is a matter of gut instinct. You can – and should – ask friends and business associates. You should also check out reviews on Google, Yelp, and so on. But there is still the matter of gut instinct.

When you meet that “special someone” you just “know” when it’s the right person. And that is gut instinct at work. You can’t ask your friends or businesses associates about that one!

So it is similar when you need a tax professional in San Francisco, which is why we say by all means do check us out on the Internet. But ultimately, it’s gut instinct, so we say please come in and meet us. See what we do. See if you like us. You might not. We hope you do, but we can’t all get on with each other. So book an appointment – no charge, obviously – and come in and have a chat. See what you think.

Our mantra is that you should never pay a cent more tax than the absolute minimum. Sure, we all have to pay tax. Hands up all those who enjoy doing so! Quite.

We Work Very Hard For Every Client in the Bay Area

This is why we work very hard for every client in order to insure that each one pays only the amount of tax that is required by law, whether that is federal tax or state tax. If you are single in San Francisco and earn $60,000 a year, your total income taxes should be $13,520. If you earn $210,000 your total taxes should be $72,519. Those are just a couple of figures picked out at random. Taking the latter figure, it means that 34.53% of your income is going in taxes. So in other words, over one third of your working life is spent working for the state and the government!

Of course, if you are married, have children, and so on, the figures all change.

Now, if you are paying anything above those figures in tax, you are simply paying more than the government and the state require. It’s bad enough anyway. Let’s see what happens if you are on $60,000 and are paying, say, $17,000 in tax. That’s way too much – $3,480 too much in fact.

Now suppose we charge you $1,000 in fees for taking care of your taxes and getting you to the correct figure? You just made $2,480 in profit! Even if we charge you $1,500, you are still $1,980 better off. Does that make sense?

Book an appointment to come and chat to us – and see what your gut instinct says.