Well, it’s the last day of February, 2013, and we are in full tax season. The phone and email are very busy here at Safe Harbor LLP. As one of the best tax services in San Francisco, we prioritize, prioritize, prioritize. First and foremost, we deal with our continuing clients, to help them navigate taxes during this especially strange year. Many of the forms needed by the IRS are not available or are just becoming available. Uncertainty seems to be the ‘new normal.’

Best San Francisco Tax ServiceSecondly, however, we have a commitment to new tax service clients. One of our priorities in being the best tax service in San Francisco is to offer superior customer service than the ‘big chains’ (you know who they are), and to focus on high income individuals, individuals with businesses, and individuals with complex tax issues (e.g., having assets abroad as in China or India). When someone walks into our CPA firm, they are not a number – they are an individual, with whom we seek a long term relationship.

Third, we love procrastinators! Of course, we don’t really. But we do realize that people put off their taxes until the last minute, often times when they are unhappy with their current tax service and are thinking of switching. Before you know it, it’s nearly April, and you are out there Googling, ‘best tax services in San Francisco.’ Our goal is to help you get your taxes done now, and then work with you throughout the year so that next year your taxes are done on time, efficiently, and in the most efficient manner possible. So we do love procrastinators (in year one) and then our goal is to leave that procrastination and stress behind.

In sum, just a quick update to our blog that yes it is ‘Tax Time in San Francisco,’ and if you are still looking for the best tax service in San Francisco, give us a call or email to discuss your tax preparation needs. It’s (almost) never too late!