Taxes. Oh, what fun! Most people dread the oncoming tax season, but we have to face facts. Taxes are not going away any time soon. And, as always, they can be very complicated. International tax experts in San Francisco

This is especially true if you have international taxes. Let’s be honest, if you only have US taxes to pay there is still federal tax, state tax, and of course, you can also have local taxes in many cases. But when you start looking at international taxes, that’s a whole new ball game. The fact is that many residents in San Francisco do have taxes payable in other countries, and also taxes payable here on earnings that they have in foreign countries because they are either temporary or permanent US residents.

The problem is that absolutely no two people are the same when it comes to foreign taxes. So, if you fall into that category, you need the services of one of the international oriented CPA firms in San Francisco. That would be us at Safe Harbor. We handle international tax situations for many different clients of different nationalities, and also native US citizens who have income from abroad.

For example, many San Francisco residents have connections with Canada, and so may have to pay tax there as well as here. But the population of San Francisco is immensely diverse, and you may be one of the people who has to deal with taxes from many other countries. This is why you need to look for international oriented CPA firms in San Francisco such as Safe Harbor because we specialize in overseas taxes.

Our job is to ensure that wherever you have to pay tax we manage to keep it to the absolute minimum that the laws of each country allow. But of course, the rules in Germany are very different from those in Japan, which in turn are very different from Mexico and Taiwan, and so on.

Even We Don’t Understand All the Tax Laws Everywhere

Even though we are one of the few international oriented CPA firms in California, we nonetheless have to put our hands up and tell you that we don’t understand all of the tax laws everywhere. That said, we do have considerable knowledge of the tax laws in many other countries, but obviously there are still a lot that we do not understand.

But here’s the trick. We have contacts! We work with a team of other accountants in many different countries, so when we need some information about their individual tax laws, we go to them for advice. Equally, when they don’t understand something about US taxes, they will ask us, and we help them out.

The end result is that, between us, we all ensure that our clients pay the minimum amount of tax wherever they have to pay it. So, if you suffer from the burden of international taxes, let us help you.