tax return preparation

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Nobody likes paying taxes, and we don’t either. But you can bet your bottom dollar that we don’t pay a cent more than the law says we must, and neither do our clients. As San Francisco tax advisors, that is what we are here for: to ensure that our clients pay the minimum amount of federal, corporate, and San Francisco taxes.

There is no doubt that the laws surrounding taxes are extremely complicated, and that is the way that the Internal Revenue Service likes it. Their job is to collect as much money as they can for the government to spend, so if you don’t understand all the complexities they are really not concerned. It is up to you to understand all the laws and abide by them, not for them to hold your hand and explain them in words of one syllable.

Sometimes Our Clients May Look Confused

Indeed, some of the laws on federal, state, and San Francisco taxes are so complex that if we try to explain them to our clients they sometimes begin to look somewhat confused and ask us to just carry on and fix things, which is what we do. A lot of our clients really do not want to try to understand the rules, but just have someone working for them who does, which is what we do as San Francisco tax advisors.

Yes, you may think that we are somewhat “nerdy”, but the simple fact is that we really do take pleasure in unraveling all of the legal complexities as they apply to our individual clients – each one of whom is in a different position, by the way. We love to get to the end of a day knowing that we have just saved this client $1,000, that client $400, and another client $5,200, or whatever the case may be. That’s because we don’t like to pay taxes and neither do our clients, so we get a kick out of knowing that we have just put them in a position where they don’t have to pay a cent more than the law says.

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Photo credit: MoneyBlogNewz via / CC BY