We at Safe Harbor LLP excel at accounting, tax, and the financial side of business.  We eat, live, and breathe numbers. We love taxes; well, we don’t love taxes, as much as we love minimize the tax bite for our clients. Especially our corporate and business tax clients. In fact, we are know around San Francisco as the top boutique CPA firm for corporate finance and accounting.  We often act as your “in-house” or “outsourced” CFO.  CFO, of course, being your chief financial officer.

San Francisco CPA Firm for Corporate and FinanceIf…

  • You are a small business but you’ve grown big enough to need more complex financial, accounting, or tax advice, we can help.
  • You are a start-up, tech or not, in San Francisco and looking to minimize the cost of your CFO yet you need someone who is an expert.
  • You need someone to help with corporate finance and accounting issues.
  • You need “audited financials” to do business with the City of San Francisco, we can help.

Here are some points to ponder about engaging with a professional, outside CPA firm:

  • What is your out-of-pocket cost for an employee / CFO?
  • Do you have to compensate that CFO with stock options, and if so, what would be the long-term cost?
  • Are you getting the best that money can buy, or are you settling for someone who is not as proficient in tax, accounting, and finance issues as a true expert?
  • If you are doing business with the City of San Francisco, or you are a non-profit or other type of corporate entity that needs audited financial statement, are those needs being taken care of?
  • What are the true costs of less-than-perfect advice, measured in terms of opportunities lost or dangerous gotchas that can hurt your corporation down the road?

What you are doing today might be the easier path. But it might hurt you tomorrow. We urge anyone looking for a CPA firm for corporate finance and accounting, to do your due diligence. Consider your options –

  • Ignore the problem (not the wisest choice, but the most common!).
  • Hire a big name, expense CPA firm in San Francisco and not be a priority client (fancy buildings and prestigious addresses don’t equal excellent service).
  • Hire a full-time employee as your CFO, or have someone split responsibilities.
  • Engage us as your outsourced CFO.

San Francisco’s Top CPA Firm for Finance and Accounting

In fact, contact us for a free telephone consultation on your CFO needs.  We’ll learn a little about your corporation, and brainstorm together how we can make you more efficient. We are the in-house CFO for many companies. Call us today at 415-742-4249.