Of all the most panicked calls that we get, none are more heartbreaking than those people who have received a letter from the IRS. Many of these people are very honest taxpayers, but they are very intimidated by having an official government agency send them correspondence which may be less than friendly in terms of how it reads. Taxes are very intimidating for the average person, and there is always substantial anxiety that things were not filed correctly and that there may be exposure to taxes and fines. Let’s face it, the government doesn’t exactly reach out to taxpayers in a friendly way!

IRS Audit Defense in San Francisco, California

Among the services that we provide is IRS audit defense. In some situations, these are already our existing clients, and of course we back them up fully in every interaction with the IRS. Our goal is to have kept detailed records and to be able to substantiate our tax strategies vis-à-vis the IRS during an audit. Most of the time, these are very stressful for the taxpayer, but for us they are not stressful as we are very solid in our approach to taxation.IRS Audit Defense

In other situations, the taxpayer did his taxes himself. This is more complicated, because we first have to analyze what was done, and then establish what needs to be done vis-à-vis the IRS. Similarly, the taxpayer may have used someone else to do his or her taxes, and that person or firm may not be capable to defend against an IRS audit. We become, as it were, a second pair of eyes. With a convenient San Francisco office, it is easy for the taxpayer to drop by and for us to meet in person; however, we also need over the Internet with people across the Bay Area and all of California.

Still in other situations, a taxpayer may not have filed taxes in many years. The IRS has finally caught up with them and now we have to work with that taxpayer to file the delinquent tax returns, and help that taxpayer create a strategy to catch up on any taxes that are owed. Believe us, we have seen it all. Some people are hyper organized and have excellent tax records and they are still very frightened, whereas others have put off their taxes for many years in a very dysfunctional way and they seem rather lackadaisical with respect to just how dangerous it is to not be in compliance with respect to the Internal Revenue Service.

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In summary, our job as one of the best accounting firms in San Francisco for IRS audit defense is to act as a second pair of eyes. We also act as a second brain, and a second heart, and a second set of adrenal glands so that you don’t freak out. It just comes with the territory. If you are facing an IRS audit, and looking for an accounting firm, reach out to us, today, for a free consultation!