It’s always nice to have someone you can count on to take care of certain things you’re too busy to handle properly. It’s common for San Francisco locals to have someone who has managed certain tasks for them over the years.

IRS Audit Defense CPA Firm San Francisco

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When Bay Area locals are in a pinch and need a recommendation, friends will often tell them “I got a guy” (or gal) who can handle the job, it’s easy to recommend someone who has handled the task with no worries. Maybe a busy Bay Area local needs someone to clean their house, or walk the dog. These are tasks that need to be done right, but require little training. So your dog walker in the Haight or the Financial District has just done the job the way you like and they are reliable. That’s good enough to recommend them to others.

There are moments when people need a person for more complex tasks like tax preparation. Maybe you’ve had someone who has been doing it for years. It could be a family accountant who did your parents’ taxes (and may be ready to retire). It could just be someone you found online who doesn’t charge much for yearly tax service. This person has been trusted to manage the tax returns every year and you’ve built a certain amount of loyalty to them. So what happens when “your guy” makes a major mistake and you receive an IRS audit letter in the mail?

In short, you need IRS audit defense in San Francisco, and your guy isn’t up to the task.

When “Your Guy” Didn’t Work Out, Call San Francisco’s IRS Audit Defense Experts

Maybe things have changed and this year, your taxes reflect a change in your life. Buying a home, a great return on a few investments or a new business can all affect yearly tax returns. The level of work required to professionally complete your taxes may have changed and the person you’ve relied on hasn’t kept up. Now you really need a CPA with mad skills to get through an IRS audit. There’s no shame in having your regular tax person sit this one out and allow us to manage the task. IRS audit defense is a specialty and we understand not everyone can do it properly.

Whether it’ an FTB audit (Franchise Tax Board), or IRS audit, our goal is to stay on top of the newest Federal and State tax issues. We will review your IRS audit paperwork and get right on the job of resolving the problem. Our San Francisco team at Safe Harbor LLC can carefully review where you’re person may have slipped up. Then we are happy to work with tax authorities to help you pay the least amount of tax required to resolve the IRS audit defense problem.

Sometimes finding a new service to handle personal income tax or business taxes is in order. It’s better to finally let go of “your guy” and let “the guys and gals” for taxes handle the more complicated details of an IRS audit defense. Safe Harbor LLC may not be the team to recommend for walking your dog, but we are experts in IRS and FTB audit defense.

Photo credit: kenteegardin via / CC BY-SA