If you have received an IRS audit letter, you might have cause to be a bit afraid. The IRS is one of the more frightening government institutions, because of course nothing is certain in life beyond just death and taxes. That said, we work very closely with clients on IRS audit issues here in San Francisco, California. For our on-going clients, our goal is to minimize tax liabilities to the extent of the law and, therefore, if they do get audited, we are prepared to assist them in that regard without due concern. Mistakes happen of course, but preparation matters a great deal.

Finding an IRS Audit Expert in San Francisco

IRS Audit Defense, San Francisco, CaliforniaAt other times, however, new clients come to us looking for IRS audit experts here in San Francisco. One issue they confront is whether they need an attorney or a CPA or both. That really depends. We are not attorneys of course, so in many cases we work hand-in-hand with attorneys who are versed in that side of IRS audit defense.

Much of this gets to areas of expertise, and your individual situation. If you believe you are in criminal non-compliance with the IRS, then absolutely you should consult an attorney first and foremost. If, however, you do not believe you are in criminal compliance, you would do well to consult BOTH an attorney and a CPA firm.

Sleeping Peacefully at Night vis-a-vis the IRS

If you are just worried about sleeping peacefully at night, the best tax strategy is to work with a seasoned CPA firm to avoid an IRS audit in the first place. By having organized bookkeeping and having a strategy that minimizes taxes yet complies with the law, even an IRS audit would not be cause for fear. Just because you are being audited by the IRS doesn’t mean you are not in compliance. We have represented many clients before the IRS and in many situations it was “much ado about nothing” (to quote Shakespeare).

It can just be the government doing its job. We’ll do ours. You do yours. And if you need an IRS audit attorney, let him do his.