Finding the best accountant in San Francisco isn’t easy. There are the “big five” accounting firms.

Or is it “big four?” Or maybe it’s the big whatever. What matters isn’t how big something – it’s how cleverly it’s used. That word of wisdom goes for finding the best accountants in San Francisco as well. We’re not the biggest; we’re just the best accountants in San Francisco.

Well, of course, we would say that, wouldn’t we? But it’s not just us who say that but our clients as well. That’s because we always go the extra mile in order to insure that our clients don’t pay a cent more in tax than they have to. We don’t like paying tax either, and we don’t see that anyone else should pay too much. That’s another very good reason our clients say we are the best accountants in San Francisco.Accountant

Impersonal Service? No Personal Service from our Leading Accountants

If we’re honest, it is very often the case when you deal with big firms, no matter what business they are in, that they are just too big and impersonal. They may have so many employees that you get pushed from pillar to post and the person who was dealing with your accounts last week has now been promoted, left the company, been transferred to another branch, and somebody new takes over your accounts and has to start from scratch. That is not only inefficient, but annoying too. Here at Safe Harbor we provide you with a personal service.

Our San Francisco accountants also take the trouble to insure that we all keep abreast of the latest laws regarding tax – and they are always changing – both here in the state of California and the federal laws. It is important that we do that so that we can always use every possible loophole – legally, of course – in order to keep your tax liabilities to the minimum. Let’s face it: tax is complicated, to say the least, but it’s our job to keep on top of it so that you don’t have to.

We are also specialists in multi-state tax. Whether you are an individual or a business, you could have tax liabilities in different states. For instance, you might live in San Francisco but have an income in Washington. You could have a business based in California with different offices and branches spread across several different states. This can become very complex, but here at Safe Harbor we know how to handle it so that you pay the minimum tax possible in each state in which you operate. This is another reason why our clients say that we are the best accountants in San Francisco.

Photo credit: Alan Cleaver via / CC BY