Businesses must file their tax returns before individuals have to do so, and we are now in the New Year 2020.

 Safe Harbor for help filing business tax returns in the New Year.

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So if you need a San Francisco tax preparation returns for business, you need Safe Harbor. Our job is to keep your tax liabilities to the absolute bare minimum.

Sure, we all have to pay tax, and we have never met anybody yet who enjoys doing it. We all work hard all the year, earn a decent income, and then have to give a large chunk of it away to the state or the fed in taxes. (As an aside, we always have a little smile when we read in the papers something about someone being given “government money” for a project or to help with a problem of some sort. The government, as far as we can see, doesn’t create any money whatsoever – not a single dollar. The only money that it has is what it takes from you and I).

But we digress. The fact is that we all have to pay tax, but at the same time there is no reason whatsoever for you to pay a cent more than the law says that you have to. And that is why you need a San Francisco tax preparation service for business. Not only that, but one which has a record of helping its’ clients pay the absolute minimum. At Safe Harbor, that is what we do.

We Don’t Just Provide A Business Tax Service

However, we don’t just provide a business tax service. Certainly, we can keep your tax liabilities down to the absolute minimum, but we are not just a business tax service. We are far more than that. We are a full-service CPA firm that can help you with all your business.

We also handle individual tax returns. Certainly, you need the tax returns done for your business, but as the CEO or whatever, you also have personal tax liabilities, and we can handle those too.

Then you might have dual residency with international tax liabilities, and then things can get very complicated indeed, if you don’t understand all of the implications. Maybe your business operates in a number of different states? Much the same thing applies. Federal tax is one thing, but if you operate in, say, a dozen different states, you have a dozen different sets of laws with which you have to comply.

It isn’t a problem. Well, for you it might be, but for us it isn’t, because it is our job to understand all of the complicated laws that apply to different states and different countries.

All of which is why you need us at Safe Harbor for your San Francisco tax preparation service for business.

Photo credit: free pictures of money via / CC BY