April 12, 2012. Wow! Only a few days to tax deadline, 2012. If you are a San Francisco resident, and you have waited until the very last minute… and we are talking last minute here, as tax deadline is next Tuesday, give us a call or email.


We specialist in tax preparation services for individuals and small businesses (partnerships and LLC’s) in the San Francisco Bay Area. While we do not recommend that you wait until the last minute, we understand that it happens.


Our goal then is to get your filed by April 17th, or file for the necessary extension. Remember that even if you file for an extension, if you owe tax you must pay the tax by April 17th, even if the actual tax returns are filed later with a proper extension!


Our goal after the dust settles is to work with you – whether you are a San Francisco individual or a San Francisco small business (LLC / Partnership) – throughout the year, so that next year it just isn’t so darn stressful! We work with our clients to keep them organized and to make taxes as easy and painless as possible.


We hate deadlines, just as much as you do. And we hate taxes just as much as you do. But it’s part of our civic responsibility – we at Safe Harbor CPAs just work hard to pay as little tax as is legal, and to make it as stress free as possible, even if you are a ‘last minute’ tax filer!