Here it is nearly April 1st, which means the official IRS tax deadline is just weeks away. This year the official IRS tax deadline, of course is Tuesday, April 15th, and that means that an individual needs to file his personal tax returns with both the Federal government and with the state of California by April 15th. In this day of electronic filing, however, we won’t usually see a mad rush to the post office but rather a mad rush to one’s computers.

Tips on Selecting a Last Minute Tax Service in San Francisco

If New York City is the East Coast city that never sleeps, San Francisco is the West coast equivalent.  But please don’t wait until the last minute to file your taxes! If you are not going to do it yourself, here are some tips for selecting a last minute tax service:

Last Minute Tax Service, San Francisco California

  1. Top Reputation. Choose a tax service that has a strong reputation, as we do evidenced by our Yelp and Google reviews. Last minute shouldn’t mean low quality, and in today’s Internet, it’s not difficult to find a tax service with a strong reputation online.
  2. Friendly Customer Service. Call or email the tax service, and see if you get a knowledgeable, friendly representative. Everyone in the tax service business is crazy busy this time of year, but we still do our best to answer the phones and field calls from incoming customers (even those who are a bit panicked).
  3. Electronic and Internet Efficiency. In today’s Internet age, choose a tax service that uses the Internet. We use WebEx for client meetings and have secure upload capabilities, so we can proceed with your taxes by Internet communication.
  4. Electronic Filing. Make sure that the tax service you support supports electronic filing in every aspect. For a last minute filing, you need a tax service that understand how to file electronically at the “last minute.”

Don’t Wait Until the Last Minute for Taxes

That said, choose a tax service that will not only help you file, this year, at the last minute but will work with you next year so that you are prepared. Our goal at Safe Harbor LLP is not to file taxes at the last minute. Rather our goal is to avoid last minute IRS and state of California filings entirely. Our goal is to be with our clients day by day, and month by month, so that there is no such thing as a “last minute” tax filing!

We can’t guarantee we can do your last minute filing, but please give us a call at 415-742-4249 or contact us for a free 15 minute phone consultation on your tax needs.