One of the biggest dreams for many Bay Area entrepreneurs is to create a disruption in the marketplace. Successfully launching a new product in an emerging market can mean speedy growth for any small business.

San Francisco Business Tax Planning

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A start-up that began in a basement can quickly expand into a popular IPO. The key to this kind of winning strategy seems to be a mash-up of hard work, smarts and luck. If you’re lucky enough to have a new idea that’s taken hold, maybe you’ve been too busy to pay attention to the changes in your business taxes. We are here to say don’t allow a penalty letter from the IRS to disrupt your growing business.

As a top San Francisco CPA firm we’ve seen what ignoring business taxes over time can do. Owners working 24/7 may be relying on their current business tax accountant to keep up. Even if your accounting service is following the rules and the IRS seems happy, there could be valuable dollars slipping away from the bottom line. It’s important to remember that company leaders can literally outgrow their current tax accounting service. Safe Harbor is a San Francisco CPA Firm specializing in professional tax accounting for small and medium businesses.

San Francisco CPA Firm Speaks the Language of Business Tax

There is an entire new language based around the culture of youthful entrepreneurs. Words like “influencers” and “brogrammers” litter conversations at meetings and brew mixers. It’s all part of running a rising business in the Bay Area. While working and networking, are you able to keep up with the language of business taxes in San Francisco? As your own company’s influence has swelled, so have the business tax responsibilities. Maybe an emerging business has an in-house CFO who’s been there from the beginning. Managing a growing payroll along with quarterly business tax duties can become overwhelming. Speaking to a professional San Francisco CPA firm fluent in the language of business taxes might make their job easier too.

If it’s time to seek out business tax advice from an expert San Francisco CPA Firm, call us! We know how quickly a new idea can grow and the tax issues that go along with it. If that $2000 could be better spent on machinery instead of taxes, maybe it’s time to re-evaluate the business structure. If the employee count has gone from two buddies in a dorm room to 20 programmers in a business park, maybe it’s time to re-evaluate who handles the payroll taxes. Safe Harbor’s professional San Francisco CPA firm can help support with or manage any accounting disruptions.

Photo credit: milkisprotein via / CC BY