When you are looking for an accountant in San Francisco, you obviously want San Francisco’s best accountant. But how do you define “best”? You need somebody who is a “good match” for you and your business, but not all accountants are going to work well with all personality types, after all.

San Francisco tax CPA

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A good accountant is going to “get into your business,” so to speak, and you want to be comfortable with him “getting in there” into your intimate financial details.

So how do you find San Francisco’s best accountant – best for you, that is? Well, at Safe Harbor we offer all prospective clients a completely free consultation for two reasons. The first is to insure that we fully understand you, your business, and your aims, and the second is to meet so that you can decide whether you are comfortable with us. It is vitally important that you like and trust us, and while we believe we are really nice guys, you may not think so. Therefore, the final decision is always yours.

Trying To Save Money With DIY Tax Returns; #NOT

At Safe Harbor the job of our CPA firm is to make certain that every client pays the minimum amount of tax that the law requires, and not a cent more. The fact is that many people are paying much more than they need to for the simple reason that they try to “save” money by filling out their own tax returns. Sure, we are not going to work for nothing, but if you pay us $500 and we save you $1,500 in tax, that’s not a bad return! Or if you run a bigger business, perhaps you’d pay us $2,000, but you would be very happy if we saved you $6,000 or even more.

As with all things tax-wise, you need someone who knows all of the rules and how to take advantage of them. There is nothing illegal in taking advantage of the way that the laws are written, whether that’s federal tax or state tax, but if you don’t know all the answers you can’t use them to your advantage.

Everybody’s situation is different. Where you might be able to reduce your tax because of a specific situation, somebody else might not be able to because their situation is slightly different. Our job is to know and understand all that – and tax law can be very complicated – so that we get the best result for every individual client. And that is what we do. That’s why we believe that, for most people, we are San Francisco’s best accountant, but ultimately that is not for us to say. It’s for you to decide.

So make an appointment for an initial consultation, and let’s talk.

Photo credit: Alan Cleaver via Foter.com / CC BY