When it comes to tax, there are the tax amateurs and there are the tax professionals. Amateurs, not to be derogatory, are usually folks with simple taxes who use simple tax software and do-it-themselves. Professional CPA’s in San Francisco.Professionals are CPAs in San Francisco like us who really know what we’re doing, and can handle complex returns, such as tricky international tax returns which, frankly, are way beyond the scope of the amateur.

That’s not to brag. We all have our own specialties, and ours is tax. Someone else might be a genius at fixing a broken washing machine or designing and building a bridge: we wouldn’t have the first idea how to go about either, but when it comes to tax returns, we understand every last dot and comma because we are a tax professional San Francisco.

That’s not to say that we don’t handle simple, straightforward tax returns, either, because we do. Even if your tax returns are simple, it may just be that you don’t like handling figures, and that’s not unusual. Lots of folks really can’t be bothered with all that adding up, subtraction, multiplication, and division, because it brings back memories of math at school, and many people are not very good at it.

We Are Very Good At Tax Preparation Because We Love It

On the other hand, we are very good at it because as a tax professional San Francisco, strange though it may seem to many, we just love it. We enjoy getting stuck into the paperwork and sorting out the figures. It is comparable to doing a crossword puzzle or sudoku which a lot of people love. We enjoy sorting it all out and coming up with the right answer every time.

The right answer is the one which sees to it that you only ever pay the RIGHT amount of tax, and that is the figure that the law says that you must pay and not a single cent more. We look at it this way: if we charge you $500 and save you $1,000 dollars in tax, that is a very good deal from your point of view.

We do this all day and every day, and we do it because we are not just very good mathematicians, but we also understand the law. This is why we are able to save our clients so much money. We can look at your figures and we know how to juggle them around. Where you might put something down on paper as it seems to you, which would mean that you pay tax on it, which is perfectly understandable, we might very well know that if you call it something different you don’t have to pay tax on it.

It’s a question of specialization. You stick to designing bridges and let us do your tax returns as a tax professional San Francisco.