Here at Safe Harbor we are known as one of the best expat CPA firms in the Bay Area. You might imagine that would all be US/China or US/India but that’s not the case. We certainly do have clients with interests in those countries, but in reality, most of our expat tax work is with our “neighbor to the North”, Canada.An expat CPA in San Francisco.

Many of our clients need a US / Canada tax accountant as they have business interests in Canada and/or they own properties there which generate an income and therefore a tax liability in the US. Whether you are a US citizen, a permanent resident, or a foreigner residing in the US, you need to talk to us as the San Francisco experts in international tax. One of the most common issues is FBAR compliance (Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts). Another area that we deal with is OVDP – the Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program. This can be complicated and time-consuming but is a far better approach for those who have overseas income that has not been declared.

Our Accountants Work With Businesses Of All Sizes, And Individuals Too

As a US / Canada tax accountant, we can work with businesses of all sizes and individuals who have income in Canada and help to keep their tax liabilities to the absolute minimum. Let’s face it: it doesn’t matter what income you have or where it comes from, you still want to pay the minimum amount of tax, and that is what we do here at Safe Harbor.

Many corporations overseas send staff and executives to the Bay Area, in particular those in technology industries, and those individuals are often highly paid. Many Canadians come to live in the Bay Area too, so if you live here permanently, semi-permanently, or for only part of the year, you may still incur US tax liabilities. As a US / Canada tax accountant, we know all the rules and how to keep any US tax liabilities to the minimum and we can help you to plan ahead.

People who are not US citizens but have income in the US face different problems. You could have all of your income in the US, but still technically be a citizen of another country. You could be here on a student visa or an H1B visa, or you could be a permanent resident, but if you have foreign assets you could still be liable for some tax in the US. Whatever your individual situation, you need to talk to one of our experts who understands the rules and knows how to keep any US tax liabilities to the minimum.