There is a steady stream of people between San Francisco and Canada, especially but not only the West Coast of Canada, cities such as Vancouver, or Victoria, British Columbia. The reality as well is that many corporations can no longer be considered a resident of one particular country. Canadian corporations do business in the United States of America, and they send Canadian citizens to the USA to manage those operations. Similarly, USA based corporations may send USA citizens to Canada, or may employ Canadian citizens in their USA offices, to better facilitate a cultural understanding between the United States and Canada, in terms of business.

Beyond Canada and the United States of America: Taxes

While there may be a nominal border between the United States and Canada, the reality today is that global capitalism recognizes no borders. As you take BART here in the San Francisco Bay Area, just look around you at the incredible diversity of the citizens of this great city. They are, in short, from all around the globe. Canadians may be one of the larger groups, but it they can seem indistinguishable from USA residents (until they say “about”).Canadian Citizen Tax Service in San Francisco

Many Canadian residents live in San Francisco, and work for either Canadian or USA based businesses. They love Canada, and they love the San Francisco Bay Area.

Beyond Love: Taxes

Now that we have the love aside, let’s talk about taxes! Here’s where it gets complicated! Both the Canadian and American governments love to get their hands on your money. The tax laws get very complicated when the citizen of one country is residing in another, and earning money. It gets even more complicated when that citizen has income streams from each individual country. It gets even more complicated when that citizen may have income streams from multiple countries. And, to make international taxation even more complicated, there are situations when there is income earned from wages, and income earned passively from business in assets or other types of income producing assets, whether in the United States or Canada.

The taxation policies of the United States, alone, are complicated enough to make the layman’s head spin. Similarly, the Canadian tax system is not easy either. Fortunately, we are an experts international tax service for both businesses and individuals, and we have quite a practice these days preparing expatriate tax returns. Canadian citizens happen to be one of the largest groups of individuals for whom we prepare USA taxes. We have intense relationships with Canadian accounting firms, so that we can work hand in glove with our Canadian counterparts so that you minimize both your United States and Canadian taxes.

We focus on the tax issues of Canadian residents, so that they can focus on their jobs here in San Francisco, or even better on enjoying what’s wonderful about the San Francisco Bay Area, before they get homesick, and returned to Canada, to enjoy what is unique and wonderful about Canada. If you are a Canadian resident, and are looking for a tax service in San Francisco that can help you with your US a tax preparation, give us a call.