At Safe Harbor CPAs, we love businesses! After all, we are ourselves and we love what we do. But being a business in San Francisco is harder than it has ever been, and as a business accountant in San Francisco, we are working harder than ever to help our clients succeed in this tough working environment.

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There has been nothing like Covid-19 in our lifetimes and it has had a dramatic effect on many small businesses such as restaurants and bars that have not been able to open. Not being able to open means no income, and that is not good. Of course, there may be a secondary benefit further down the line in the sense that, as a result of lower sales over the year, there’ll be less tax to pay – but that’s further down the line.

You still have to do your tax return and pay your taxes for last year, and as a business accountant in San Francisco we are working flat out to ensure that every one of our clients gets every tax benefit that they are due and therefore pays only the minimum amount of tax the law requires and not a dollar more. After all, that is what our clients pay us for and is why we are one of the top-rated CPA firms in the Bay Area because that is what we achieve. We have said before that we don’t like paying taxes any more than anyone else and we get real pleasure when we can save our clients money.

We Can Often Get A New Client A Nice Tax Refund

What surprises many new clients that we get is the fact that they bring us their books and we often spot something straight away that has been missed by whoever was previously doing their books, and immediately save them $500, $1,000, or sometimes even more. Not only do they get a reduction in the amount that they have to pay this year, but we can usually get a tax refund for them from previous years, and that can add up to a nice little sum of money. There is nothing nicer than being able to take a couple of weeks break on a cruise or whatever, courtesy of the tax man!

As a business accountant in San Francisco that is what we are here for and it is what we do. So if you are looking for some tax experts to save you money and keep your tax bill down to the absolute minimum, come and talk to us at Safe Harbor.