San Francisco, California – September 30, 2020. Safe Harbor CPAs, a team of accountants in San Francisco, California, is proud to announce a new post on finding the best CPA in San Francisco for high income, business, and international tax needs. tax accountant in San Francisco2020 has been a chaotic and difficult year in many ways, including in tax policy, and San Francisco businesses and high-income residents are scrambling to identify tax accountants that can help them mitigate their taxes during these trying times.

“States and the federal government, as well as even cities and localities, have issued many new regulatory programs and rebates during the Pandemic,” explained Chun Wong, Managing Partner at Safe Harbor LLP. “For this reason, we are conducting content outreach so that interested businesses, corporations, and high-income individuals can learn about us as they seek the best tax accountant for their needs not just in San Francisco or the Bay Area but throughout California.”

Persons who would like to read the post can visit The post advocates that people not focus on the size of a firm, whether or not it has a fancy branding campaign, or whether it has a prestigious downtown San Francisco address. Instead, interested persons are urged to do their homework up to and including reaching out for no-obligation consultations on their tax needs. Of special note is the firm’s emphasis on international tax issues (see, and its reputation as one of the top-rated international tax CPA firms in California. Many San Franciscans have international tax exposure and look to the firm for advice. Some have a simple need such as expat tax return preparation for the United States and Canada, for instance. Others have more complex needs as when they have business interests not just in the United States but in foreign countries. Still, others have a property in multiple countries and are keen to minimize their tax risk across international borders. Only a trained CPA can investigate the facts and give advice as to how to minimize taxes.


Here is the background for this release. 2020 has seen a major international crisis as COVID-19 spread from its origin in China across the globe. Countries have attempted different strategies to mitigate the virus as well as its interrelated effects such as those on the economy. In the United States, different US states have also tried different strategies including tax rebates, unemployment insurance, and business loans that may or may not be forgiven. US-based businesses thus might face different regulations in different states, while an international business might face even more complexity. Many San Francisco residents are foreign nationals and thus they face the need for expat tax return preparation. For these reasons, Safe Harbor LLP has aggressively created content to educate the public on the need to identify a best-in-class tax accountant as soon as possible.


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