July 11, 2019 – San Francisco, California. Safe Harbor LLP, a top-rated accounting firm in San Francisco, California, is proud to announce a new post on the topic of obtaining so-called “audited or reviewed” financial statements” from an accounting firm.

Audited Financial Statements in San Francisco, CA

Many San Francisco Bay Area businesses require audited or reviewed financial statements should they need a bank loan, a construction company requiring a surety bond, or perhaps wish to do business with the local government such as the City and County of San Francisco. When that happens, the business management may be befuddled in how to find a CPA or accounting firm that can generate the required documentation.

“Many San Francisco businesses encounter the need for so-called ‘audited or reviewed financials’ when they attempt to do business with the local government (County or City of San Francisco), a construction business, or perhaps for bank loan covenants,” explained Chun Wong, Managing Partner at Safe Harbor LLP. “Our accounting firm specializes in helping San Francisco businesses grow their business with best-in-class tax advisory, financial, and other accounting services. For that reason, we provide audited, reviewed, and compiled financial statements as part of our service offering. The new post highlights this fact.”

To read the new post on audited financial statements, visit https://www.safeharborcpa.com/if-you-need-audited-financials-for-your-san-francisco-business-come-to-safe-harbor/. Persons or businesses with an immediate need can also visit the informational page at https://www.safeharborcpa.com/management-financial-advisory/ and then click up to the ‘send message’ link to request a consultation. It should be noted that Safe Harbor LLP offers a wide range of accounting services, and many businesses choose to use the accounting firm for their accounting, tax, and other financial service needs. “Audited financial statements,” in other words, are often the end product of a more in-depth relationship. Those seeking a more full service offering can also visit the informational page on tax advisory services or just call the firm at 415-742-4249.


Here is background on this release. Safe Harbor LLP is known as one of the best CPA firms in San Francisco for business and corporate tax advisory services. San Francisco has arguably the most dynamic economy in the United States and is a hotbed of entrepreneurial activity. By being a digitally savvy “boutique” CPA firm, Safe Harbor has made a name for itself as not only the go-to CPA firm for startups but also as a tax adviser for many businesses. For these reasons, more than just a few Bay Area businesses use Safe Harbor as their “outsourced CFO” to keep them informed of how to better run their corporations from a financial perspective during turbulent times. As their businesses grow, the turn to Safe Harbor LLP to “know” what to do to minimize taxes.

Indeed, as a business grows it may seek to do business with a government entity like the City of San Francisco (See: https://sfgov.org/oca/Qualify-do-business) and then be befuddled at how to comply with all the financial and regulatory requirements. Audited financial statements may be one of the most important steps in this process. Another use case is when a business seeks a substantial business loan. The bank may also require audited financials before lending money to a small business. By knowing how to do these things, a business can grow. By not knowing how to do these things, a business can be impeded in its growth path.

For these reasons, Safe Harbor LLP has issued a new post on audited financial statements to its blogs and urges interested parties to not only read it but to reach out for a consultation with an accountant.


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