San Francisco, California – April 2, 2021. Safe Harbor CPAs, a top-rated accounting firm in San Francisco, California, is proud to announce an update to its information page on bookkeeping services for San Francisco businesses with a focus on international issues.

bookkeeping services for businesses in San Francisco

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Many San Francisco businesses are finding it advantageous to outsource not only their bookkeeping needs but also their tax advisory interests, especially those with complex multi-state and/or international tax exposure.

“Business and complex tax return preparation services are the heart of our San Francisco-based CPA firm,” explained Chun Wong, Managing Partner at Safe Harbor LLP. ” He continued, “We find many businesses want a ‘one stop’ solution wherein we can do their bookkeeping, advise on their multistate and/or international tax issues, and complete their business and even personal tax returns at the California and federal levels.”

Interested persons can visit the newly updated page on bookkeeping services at After reading that page, the next best step is to reach out for a consultation on potential tax advisory services, including bookkeeping. While the focus is on any business in San Francisco, those that have multi-state  and/or international tax exposure ) are strongly encouraged to reach out for a consultation. A ‘one stop shop’ solution means that the company can help not only with the nuts-and-bolts of bookkeeping but also with complex international and multistate issues. For these reasons, more and more San Francisco businesses are turning to the accounting firm as a best-in-class tax advisory for California-based businesses.


Here is background on this release. First, good bookkeeping is the foundation of good business accounting. By engaging with a best-in-class San Francisco bookkeeper, a business can set the foundation for easy tax preparation including the best way to minimize tax liabilities. Second, San Francisco businesses often face multi-state or even international tax issues. A big box firm that specializes in individual tax preparation is not the best solution. And, finally, an accounting firm that can look to the long term and minimize tax liabilities can do more than just bookkeeping and tax preparation services. It can truly minimize the tax bite.


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