There are quite a number of CPAs here in San Francisco, but not all of them focus on taxes, and on tax minimization.

San Francisco Tax Preparation via a CPA Firm

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They may be engaged in advising how to try to avoid taxes – legally, of course – or they could be in management.

Here at Safe Harbor CPAs we are different. We are known as one of the best CPAs in San Francisco for the simple reason that we DO focus on tax. In fact, many of our clients say that we are the BEST tax CPA in San Francisco for that very reason. Very many people in the Bay Area are self-employed. That means that they don’t necessarily get a weekly or monthly pay-check with the appropriate tax deducted by their employer, because they don’t have an employer.

Sure, they may work for one company on a self-employed basis, or they may have hundreds – or even thousands – of customers. They may charge different customers different rates, and those customers may need products or services this month and not next month. The result of this is that their income is all over the place. It can go up and down like a yo-yo so calculating their tax liabilities can be horrendous – especially if they try the DIY approach via software


Yes, there is software out there which claims to be able to do it all for you with a few clicks of the mouse, but it cannot possibly allow for every last eventuality because, clever as it might be, it can’t “think”. It tells you that you can claim for this and claim for that, but it can’t tell the difference between a pot of paint – if you’re a painter and decorator – and ten pounds of coffee beans if you are a coffee shop.

The law might allow you to claim for a pot of paint but might not allow you to claim for the ten pounds of coffee beans, but only allow you to claim for five pounds. (By the way, these are just theoretical examples off the top of our heads, but we’re sure you can see what we mean).

This is why you need the best tax CPA in San Francisco – that’s us – because we UNDERSTAND the law and the rules, and we know the differences. Heck, if we didn’t, everybody would be using software and not pay us our fees.

As the best tax CPA in San Francisco, we have always worked on the basis of focusing on tax and insuring that every client pays the absolute minimum the law requires, and no more. We feel most people would agree with that sentiment.

Photo credit: kenteegardin via / CC BY-SA