San Francisco, California – October, 31, 2018. Safe Harbor LLP, considered one of the top accounting firms in San Francisco, California, is proud to announce three new posts to their blog just in time for the busy fall, 2018 season. As Congress prepares for the midterms, the lay public may have missed plans for so-called “Tax Return 2.0,” for instance. The new blog posts and one-stop URL allow busy San Franciscans to keep informed of tax changes that might impact them in 2019.

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“With everyone focused on the upcoming political elections, it’s easy for folks to miss potential changes in tax laws that are brewing in Congress,” explained Chun Wong, Managing Partner at Safe Harbor LLP. “As San Francisco accountants dedicated to bringing the best tax services for our clients, we use our public-facing blog to keep San Franciscans informed of potential changes in the tax law. Everyone is urged to read these three lively posts. ”

To access the blog archive, one need only to visit a special URL on their website at There, one can find a list of new blog posts in reverse chronological order. Here are three important new posts for October and November, 2018:

“Security Six Safeguards,” a post on six key security features that anyone who deals with taxes should enable on their computer, such as antivirus software, backup, and two-factor authentication. While meant for tax professionals, this post is timely for anyone who has sensitive information on their computer, tablet, or phone.
“End of year filing deadlines,” a post on important deadlines such as the extended due date for “C” corporations or the California Like-kind exchange deadline.
“Tax Reform 2.0,” a post on potential new tax changes making their way through Congress which could have a major tax impact in 2019.

Persons who’d like to know more about the firm’s philosophy of being the best accounting firm in San Francisco one client at a time should visit It should be noted that in addition to this update, the firm recently launched a page on “tax advisor” issues. While it’s important to read the firm’s blog, the reality is that no two individuals or businesses are alike, and that they should consult with a tax professional to create a tax minimization strategy that fits their needs.


Here is background on this release, specifically the post on “tax reform 2.0.” Amidst the flurry of interest in the upcoming elections, many people are missing the potential for yet another major tax change in 2019 regardless of the election outcome. The House Ways and Means Committee debated the GOP Tax Reform 2.0 three-bill package in a September 13 markup that ran almost seven hours. The package focuses on making permanent individual and small business tax cuts, and creating incentives for retirement savings and business innovation. The following three bills were approved along party lines: 1) Protecting Family and Small Business Tax Cuts Act of 2018 ( HR 6760); 2) Family Savings Act of 2018 ( HR 6757); and 3) American Innovation Act of 2018 ( HR 6756).


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